City manager candidates should not call the shots


The fact that “strong candidate” for city manager Timothy Miller is insisting on living on property out of town tells me two things:  1) He doesn’t really need or want the job, and 2) He is already sensing weakness on the part of the City Commission and is testing it.

After all the problems with the former city manager, it makes absolutely no sense to allow a candidate to “call the shots” before they have even gotten the position!

Changing residency requirements is a dangerous precedent. City leaders should be subject to the consequences of their own actions. Lack of housing in Livingston? This is a real problem for everyone. No one should be exempt.

Have you ever been to Sonora, California? I have. It’s a community of uber-affluent, mostly retired individuals who don’t give a whit if their water bills increase by $4 a month. It could not be any different from Livingston. 

I don’t understand why the city doesn’t go to a mayoral system. Local residents who care about the community could run to be elected, just like every other government body. If the people aren’t happy with their performance, vote them out in two years.

Carol Carver