A Christmas Eve Story

Monday, December 24, 2018
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A stocking was found lying in the street.
A young girl picked it up, no stockings on her feet.

Only shoes with holes and flip-flopping soles.

The night came early this time of year,
“Come in” called mother, "it’s too cold out there."

She took a bath and went to bed,
“What will I get?” raced through her head.

And outside the window by the street lamp glow,
were twinkling stars and glistening snow.

Looking at the night, not a cloud but two,
And there in the moonlight, a magpie flew.

Is that a star I see blinking red?
She dashed to the window, tossing blankets from her bed.

Not believing her eyes, there was a great sled and deer,
just like the deer seen around here.

What is that sound, what do I hear?
A stampede on the roof, of Santa’s reindeer?

I must be dreaming. I must be asleep.
She waited for Santa, and made not a peep.

Well, the night was cold, and her feet were cold.

And there on the floor beside her bed,
was the stocking she found, fuzzy, white and red.

Up the stairwell shined the Christmas tree,
from the light, is that a shadow of Santa I see?