Candidates should take a lesson from Mrs. Olson

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


When I was in high school, almost 50 years ago, we learned in PE Archery to stand firm and focus on the target, aiming our arrows at the center bulls eye. And then in track, we were trained to focus on the goal line, and to not pay attention to our fellow runners (by looking to the left or right) because it could cause us to not only break stride, but we also risked being discouraged, emotionally and/or mentally, by who was coming up behind us, or possibly even passing us up along the way.

I think it’s high time our presidential candidates (including our current Commander in Chief) also follow the advice and training of Mrs. Olson, my high school PE teacher, in both archery (by stopping aiming their arrows at one another, by focusing on their target, i.e., the office of president) as well as running their race, by not giving their time and energy to their fellow running mates, by looking to the left or the right, or worrying about who’s coming up alongside them in their own lane, or possibly going to take the lead, with their own agendas and platforms.

I’m much older now than the teenage days of my youth, and feel it’s high time our candidates grow up as well. It’s really not about age, but about maturity.

Today’s campaigns and debates are a far cry from the first ones held in 1960. It seems our candidate campaigns and debates are simply public displays of the “I DON’T WANT TO GROW UP CLUB” ... and am I the only American ashamed and embarrassed, by the “playground” politics we have all been subjected to?

Lindie Gibson