The business of NorthWestern Energy is fossil fuels

Friday, December 6, 2019


Here is my submission to the Public Service Commission, re: NorthWestern Energy’s 20-year procurement plan:

I am here today, as always, as the “ratepayer on the street.” What has become obvious to me, and it is not a stretch to say it, is that the business of NWE is not electricity, but fossil fuels. They are like some car dealers who sell cars to generate loans, not because they love cars. Generating electricity and distributing it on the grid is just a way to ensure profits from their fossil fuel investments. How else to explain why there are no renewables in the 20-year procurement plan that the power company has put forth?

Solar and wind power are not pipe dreams with faint hopes for future viability to power our lives. They are here and now and demonstrably the best source of power generation when the whole picture is taken into account. The whole picture is not what NWE considers. Everything they do puts a lie to the propaganda that they are a modern company looking out for the best interests of its ratepayers and the environment.

I think that influential board members and stockholders have investments in coal, oil, and gas, and their influence is what drives NWE’s blind and selfish drive to destroy the solar and wind industry and push us onto a deadly path to higher energy prices and environmental destruction.

They simply seek to enlarge their bank accounts and feel that they, with all their money, can escape the destruction they cause. In the end, all will suffer.

So, if the PSC gives the green light to NorthWestern Energy’s 20-year plan, I have a new motto for Montana. Instead of “Welcome to the Big Sky Country” it would be: “Welcome to Montana, a Museum of Bad Practices. Open 24-7 for the next 20 years.”

Ken Decker