Branding in the Shields Valley

Above left, clockwise;
Dennis Homan handles the branding iron after branding a calf with help from Zachary Sarrazin, Jon Troxell, Jesse Kirk and Seth Swandal; the “Flying S” brand for the Sarrazin Ranch, is pictured on the hip of a calf; Zachary Sarrazin, left, waits to vaccinate a calf roped by his brother, Matthew Sarrazin, and handled by Zach Fievet, left, and Donnie Burns; Jim Sarrazin, 91, watches the branding operation from a four-wheeler. Sarrazin heeled calves until he was 89 years old; Erika Hall helps hold a leg on a calf during the branding and vaccination.

Randy Jackson ropes calves to be branded at the Sarrazin Ranch north of Clyde Park.

Patrick Danielson, 9, holds a calf while Tom Bailey, left, castrates the beast and Zachary Sarrazin implants a growth hormone.

Enterprise photos by Nate Howard

Family and friends gather at Bill and Lori Sarrazin’s ranch north of Clyde Park to brand calves April 21.