Bear Paw begins auto tours

Samantha Hill

The owners of the Bear Paw Outfitters are expanding their business with the use of stories and a 2006 silver Suburban.

Bear Paw owners Tim and Cindy Bowers have been running their outfitting business that provides horse back riding and fishing guides for the past 32 years but they recently decided to add an auto tour component to the business because they know the area so well.

Tim Bowers, a third generation resident, said that he plans to do tours of Yellowstone National Park but also doing customizable tours through Shields and Paradise Valleys. He said the tour will be a combination of seeing the history, scenery and animals of the area. It can be about a half day and include a lunch.

Despite some activities in the area being exclusive to the summer, Bowers said they can do the touring business year round.

“ You see some of the most wildlife during the fall,” he said, commenting on why it can be done all year.

Bowers said he likes most parts of county but him and his wife, Cindy Bowers agree that their favorite area is over on Old Chico Road, past Chico Hot Springs.

“Some people didn’t know there was anything back there,” he said.

Before summer months get busy, Bowers said the touring company will offer special Sunday rides for Seniors until the middle of May.

Bowers said there is potential to add more people to this aspect of the business but they are not sure if they will do that just because it might be hard to come by people who know the area so well.

“When people come to Montana, they don’t want a tour from someone in Pittsburgh,” he said.

For more information on auto tours, call 222-6642.