Students across county get back into the groove
Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Enterprise photo by Nate Howard

Park High School cheerleaders rally students, including the junior class, in calling out their year of graduation during a back-to-school seminar this morning at Park High School.

It didn’t take long before students at Park High School had to sit through their first lesson, as it were, on Tuesday morning.

The school’s 443 students attended a back-to-school seminar first thing Tuesday, learning — from a PowerPoint presentation and skits put on by the school’s staff — about changes the school seeks.

The staff outlined issues that need to be addressed: disrespect, both between students, and students and teachers; drug, alcohol and vaping use; public displays of affection; being accepting; and inappropriate language.

Staff also explained new safety measures put in place, with students no longer being allowed to leave an event and then return, no outside containers being allowed, an increase in school cameras, and drug testing now being required for extracurricular activities.

Additionally, the students heard about the success Park High has had in recent years. The graduation rate spiked from 74.7 percent six years ago to 95 percent last year. Attendance rose from 93 percent to 96 percent. Over the past three years, suspensions dropped from 97 to 54.

Meanwhile, around the Livingston School District, Sleeping Giant Middle School — which had a sixth-grade orientation Monday and returned its seventh- and eighth-grade students Tuesday — has 321 students.

East Side Elementary School heads back to class on Wednesday, and Winans Elementary follows on Thursday.

Start days differ in other schools across Park County. Shields Valley’s first day was Aug. 20, Gardiner School returned Aug. 22, and Arrowhead and Pine Creek schools in Paradise Valley return Sept. 4.