Army band in Virginia to represent the people, music of Livingston

Samantha Hill

Livingston will be represented Wednesday and Thursday in Virginia as a town native will help conduct music that represents the area.

At a concert call “Music Under the Stars,”  Marc Graham along with other members of the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command Band will perform a piece by Karl King called “Gateway City March.”

According to Graham, the march was written in 1910 and dedicated to the Livingston Lodge No. 246 B.P.O.E Convention. King named the musical number after Livingston “The Gateway City” to Yellowstone and eventually performed by the Gateway City Band, established around that time.

Graham, who graduated from Park High School in 1998, will be conducting the music and was the person who suggested it to his commander, Major Randall Bartell.

“He had been kind of thinking about it already and so when I suggested it, we decided to give it a go,” he said.

The music will be performed by a 50 member band, with Graham, who normally plays the saxophone, conducting.

The other pieces that will be included in the “Music Under the Stars” will be some orchestral music as well as pieces from the live-action Disney film, “Beauty and the Beast.”

“We wanted to add that because it is so popular right now,” Graham said.

The performances will be two nights in Fort Eustis, Virginia but it will be live-streamed on Wednesday and Thursday.

“We want to see if we can get as many Livingston people watching as possible,” he said.

The performance will start at 5 p.m. Mountain time. For information or to watch the stream, visit

Now the only thing he hopes is that the event doesn’t get rained out.

“We possibly have a backup plan but we got rained out just the night before,” he chuckled.