Alabama women face extradition for charges on Gardiner resident’s account

Jasmine Hall

Three Alabama women face extradition on Park County warrants issued Monday after a Gardiner resident reported nearly $16,000 in fraudulent charges to his bank account in March 2014.

Shirret “Xaviera” Carlisle, 31, Lyquita “Geraldine” Carlisle, 23, and Rosie Carlisle aka Rosie Sims, 59, face felony charges of theft and conspiracy to commit theft after a 2014 Park County Sheriff’s Office investigation found their names were connected to around $11,900 in unauthorized payments using a Gardiner resident’s checking account information.

According to an affidavit filed with Park County’s Sixth Judicial Court, during the 2014 investigation the PCSO discovered:

• The alleged fraudulent charges were made between October 2013 and February 2014 and totaled $15,836.50, of which $11,140.40 would not be reimbursed to the Gardiner resident because some charges were reported after the bank’s 60-day reporting window.

• Around $10,000 in fraudulent charges were paid to a Capital One account in Shirret Carlisle’s name.

• Around $1,000 in fraudulent charges were paid to a Comcast account. The Comcast account’s phone number belonged to Lyquita Carlisle.  

• Around $500 of the fraudulent charges were used to pay Lyquita Carlisle’s and Xaviera Carlisle’s Sprint bills.

• Unauthorized charges on the account not connected to a name included $1,372.20 to Apollo Group, $170.71 to CVS Caremark and $2,128.27 to the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS would not disclose the identity of the person who made the payment. 

• Addresses for Rosie, Lyquita, Shirret and Xaviera are the same residence on Springdale Road in Gadsden, Alabama. 

Deputy Park County Attorney Kathleen Carrick said all three women were jailed in Alabama in December 2014 on Park County Justice Court warrants, but that instead of appearing for an extradition hearing — the only legal way to extradite them to Montana for prosecution — they were released by the Alabama court system. 

Carrick said she recently filed the felony charges Aug. 4, 2016, with Park County’s Sixth Judicial District Court to obtain felony warrants in hopes of bringing the three to Montana for prosecution.


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