’Tis the season ...

... for Adult Basketball League
Monday, December 24, 2018
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Team Katabatic Brewing Company is all smiles in their team photo at the end of season.

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Photos courtesy of Morgan Pearson
Two Adult League Basketball players compete in a game at the Civic Center last season.

Adult Basketball League at the Livingston Civic Center kicks off next month. Old and new teams alike are excited to hit the court.

League Commissioner Eric Kozera said he is ready for another fun season.

“The league is mostly for fun. It’s not like people are out there to crush souls. People are out there to have fun, run around, and it’s a pretty light atmosphere,” said Kozera.


League Structure

Adult Basketball League team registration is due Friday, December 28.

The cost to join the league is $400 per team until December 28. Depending on space available for more teams, an additional $100 fee will be applied to teams who sign up after the December 28 deadline.

Games take place every week on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday games may be added to the weekly schedule. Each game consists of four 10-minute quarters. The league accepts all men and women aged 18-plus. Each team can have up to 10 players.

The season typically has 10 regular season games for each team, plus a single-elimination tournament at the end of March; Livingston’s very own “March Madness.”

Last year, the league had only one woman, but Kozera encourages more women to join and said not to be concerned about the intensity.

“It’s about good sportsmanship. If you don’t play like that then you’re not allowed in the league,” said Kozera.

Kozera implemented a two strike policy for poor sportsmanship, but has never had to kick anyone out of the league.

“It is competitive, don’t get me wrong -- people are playing to win. But it is for fun in the end,” said Kozera.

Kozera said Civic Center Recreation Manager Maggie Tarr sets a precedent of respect during all Civic Center events, including Adult Basketball League.


Looking for a team?

If you want to play but don’t have a team, contact Eric Kozera at (414) 248-0316.

“On Thursday, January 3rd, we are going to have an open gym. I’m inviting everyone who is playing to show up. We can just scrimmage and figure out who needs to get on a team,” said Kozera.

Kozera hopes more people come out to play. He said players don’t need to know anyone in the league to join. Kozera himself didn’t know anyone in the league when he first joined three years ago.

“My first day was midway through the season. I had moved to Livingston and had just heard about the league. I showed up and a team just took me on. We ended up winning the championship that season,” said Kozera.


Youth involvement

Kozera said he would love to see more youth league players come down to run the clock or track game statistics, adding, “They show up, they help, and it’s awesome. It’s definitely a family friendly enviroment.”



Two referees are required at each game. If you are interested in being a referee, contact Eric Kozera at (414) 248-0316.