‘Soup’ continues tradition of giving

Samantha Hill

L-Town Soup awarded the Livingston-Park County Library with money to build up a tool selection and now it is back again to grant another person’s wish on Thursday.

L-Town Soup is a crowd-sourcing event where six people or represented organizations put together a presentation to show a unique project that needs extra funding in the area. Earlier this year, it was the library that received the most votes for putting together a library of tools for people to rent.  

The event, put together by Soundcolor Studios, allows each presenter has five minutes to share their idea and answer four questions from the audience.

Soundcolor Studios Administrator Mike Boise said the group hopes to put together these events twice a year or more.

“There is the possibility for us to do it three times a year if the need arises but we don’t want people to get tired of it,” Boise said.

The studio received six applications from people in the community which is what they had a few months ago. He said they will probably limit the event to six for the future so all of the presentations will be fresh in peoples minds and the night won’t drag out.

Participants in the event range from large established projects to new ideas.

Aja Shada, who is involved with various agencies in the community, is proposing a late night art program similar to an event out of Oakland, California.

Shada explained that the program would be an evening of art working with strangers and coming up with ideas, along with food available.

“Sometimes when people hear about art they get kind of intimidated,” she said.

Other presenters will be Jay Kiefer, wants to record the oral history of Park County; Derek Smith, president of the McNair Skate Park, wants help with funding the new skatepark; Rachel Jones who works with Farm to School, hopes to fund more fresh food initiatives in schools; Aurora Boise is moving towards a recycling program in the schools.

Any funds raised at the event will be matched by Mountain Sky Guest Ranch for the project.

Boise said that although not every project will be funded, there will be information available about each one so people can donate to the projects on their own.

The event wouldn’t be a ‘soup’ without the food, provided at the Pine Creek Lodge along with beer.

L-Town Soup will start at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Lodge. The event is $10 to get in.