On ‘settled science’ of climate change


 As I pen this missive Sunday morning, the airport weather station says it is 43 degrees, fresh snow blankets the upper half of the Absarokas, and the USGS website Livingston Yellowstone River flow tracking station says the 4,490 cubic feet per second flow is 24 percent above the 3,630 cfs 75th percentile and 54 percent above the 2,920 median flow for this date in history. The USGS has been recording daily river flows since the late 1800s. There is lots of data there, and some pretty cool graphs.

 Most all the climate articles and letters to the editor we see talk about the “settled science” of global warming and those of us questioning their “logic” against observable conditions are generally called “climate deniers,” or something like that.

 On July 31, 2014, the Enterprise ran a guest column penned by a half dozen Ph.Ds regarding the global warming dangers to Montana claiming, among other things, “... 97 percent of scientists who study climate change say that it is real, and largely caused by human activities that produce carbon pollution ... that spring snowpack is melting on average two weeks earlier than in the 1950s ... August stream flows now average 20 percent lower than in the 1950s.”

 I looked at the USGS site for July and August Yellowstone flows through Livingston. Every date I looked at around July 31st showed the 2014 daily flows well above the 75th percentile, with the all-time highest recorded flow being in 2011. How do any of the river flow “facts” stated by our academic experts here actually square with real facts on the ground locally? Not at all.

 Then there were the guys in their ships a couple years ago sailing into the Arctic to study melting Arctic ice due to this man-made global warming, and they all got stuck in the ice. And last season the global warming advocates who got themselves stuck in the Antarctic ice flows needing both the Russians and Chinese to try to rescue them. No wonder, since 2014 Antarctic sea ice is now reported to be 1.2 million square kilometers bigger than in 1979. (Remember the late 1970s was when the big worry by these “climate experts” was global cooling?)

 Seems rich to me that first quarter GDP negative growth for the US economy was officially blamed by the Obama propagandists on “the unusually harsh winter of 2014.” You see, sometimes it is cold because of global warming, especially when it happens at an inconvenient time. Like in winter. No, really. Just listen to the 97 percent “experts.” They will explain it.

 I bet their “97 percent of scientists concur” claim is as phony as the numbers first released out of England trying to convince us the globe is and has been getting warmer, and by extension, somehow, people are to blame. Once the summer temperature readings that were “mysteriously entered” in winter date buckets were removed, presto!!, the earth has apparently not been getting warmer globally — at least not in the last 18 years. No matter, they have their story and they are sticking to it, even if it is based on fraudulent numbers. Good for funding and Nobel prizes and so forth.

 So, be prepared for 10-foot rising tides to submerge coastal cities by 2020, or no, I guess they are now saying 4-foot rising tides by 2030, or at least something measurable in our lifetime. Or something, sometime.

 But, just to be safe and do our part, we should “think Green” and fund Solyndra out of bankruptcy and all bike to work.

 Or, just maybe go a slightly different direction; open up energy exploration to literally light a fire under a real U.S. economic recovery, become truly energy independent, bring natural gas to eastern Europe (breaking Putin’s back), drive Islamoterrorist Mideastern countries into bankruptcy and strengthen Mexico so that as we actually close our southern border Mexico does not collapse into civil war. Bet we could do all that without submerging San Francisco. Bet we couldn’t do any of it with Obama & Co in the way. 

 Vote wisely this November and again in 2016, or at least wiser than last time.

 Larry Stephenson
Paradise Valley