‘Robin Hood’ set to steal ... the show

Samantha Hill
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The prince of thieves and his merry men take the stage on Friday at the Shane Lalani Center for the Arts for Arrowhead School’s rendition of “Robin Hood.”

Starting this week, the 46 kindergarten through eighth-grade students began practicing parts as friars, guards and arrows.

Production Manager Dewey Kemp, who is running the show, said the children who are playing the arrows are the kindergarten and first-graders. They appear during the show when Robin Hood talks about drawing his bow.

“All the arrows want to be is shot,” Kemp said, and when the arrows don’t get shot they exclaim, “Oh drat!” and stomp their feet.

He said this was a quick turnaround for a show because last week the center was running “Pinocchio”with the homeschool students of Park County. The theater will also be hosting several shows of “Young Frankenstein” in just a few weeks.

When asked how he put together a show in only a week’s time, Kemp simply said, “It’s my job.”

The operation is run similar to other bigger plays with the students doing the same warm-up exercises as the adults, wiggling out their energy as well as getting the opportunity to wear real costumes made by Artistic Director Russell Lewis.

Kemp said the students are practicing for most of the day Thursday, with several more hours of practice and dress rehearsal on Friday.

The show will be held at 5:30 p.m. Friday.

There will be more student-based shows from schools across the county  in January and April of next year.