Details for NOTICE TO WATER USERS Welker Ranch

NOTICE TO WATER USERS Welker Ranch LLC filed a motion to amend the point of diversion for water right claim no. 43B 6296-00. The claim currently is decreed by the Montana Water Court as having one point of diversion from Sixmile Creek to the Stands Ditch located in the SESWNE of Section 29, Township 6 South, Range 8 East in Park County. The motion asks the Water Court to add two additional points of diversion on Sixmile Creek for the claim. The proposed additional points of diversion are located in the SWNWNE and the NENWNE of Section 29, Township 6 South, Range 8 East in Park County. A full copy of the motion and the Court’s order requiring this notice, and Welker Ranch’s response, is available on the “Notices & Information” page of the Montana Water Court’s website at Interested parties may file a response or objection. Any response or objection to the motion to amend must be filed with the Montana Water Court, PO Box 1389, Bozeman, MT 59771-1389, within 45 days of the last publication or mailing of this notice. Therefore, the filing deadline is: July 25th, 2023. A copy of any response or objection must be mailed to Welker Ranch, c/o Sudduth Law, PLLC, PO Box 507, Bozeman, MT 59771-0507. Please indicate “Case 43B-6002-A-2022” on any response, objection, or other correspondence related to the motion to amend. Pub May 27, June 3, 10, 2023 MNAXLP