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Park County Fair

Getting Muddy at the fairgrounds


A look at the Park County Fairgrounds arena Monday morning and it was hard to tell that any recent event had taken place.

But it had.

The 64th Park County Fair featured a myriad of events in the arena — all of which were crowd pleasers.

Wednesday featured the 59th annual 4H & FFA Sundown Showdown, and Thursday the Ranch Rodeo was held.

Friday, the arena was idle, but Saturday and Sunday, things got more than a little rowdy.

Saturday offered the 25th annual Shields Valley FFA Pig Wrestling contest and Sunday boasted the fair finale with the Demolition Derby.

“It’s all gone well,” said Park County Fairgrounds supervisor Kim Knudson. 


Pig wrestling

Saturday, the Shields Valley FFA did its part in prepping the arena for Sunday’s Derby.

The Pig Wrestling once again had mud flying as four-person teams in Youth, Women’s, Mixed, and Men’s divisions did their best to barrel their pigs.

When it was all said and done, the top three times in the event all came from the youth division.

The Bacon Makers — Austin Parker, Jordan Perino, Matt Dowdle and William Fallang — needed just 9.94 seconds to leap over the fence, catch their swine, and slide it into the barrel.

The Bacon Makers narrowly edged the unnamed team of Taylor Johnson, Claree Tecca, Ava Nelson and BreAnne Pino, who accomplished the feat in 10.91 seconds.

The Little Fockers, the last youth team to participate, finished a close third, finishing with a time of 12.75 seconds.

The Little Fockers consisted of Cyler Cain, Clayton Busby, Jaydon O’Hair and Brock Peterson.

In Women’s competition, Postal Pig Wrestling — Susan White, Jenny Rogge, Kym Roberts and Angela VanBlaricam — won comfortably, winning in 21.03 seconds.Hog Hunters — Morgan Wines, Megan Hawkins, Jessie Hafer and Shay O’Neil — were second with a time of 27.94 seconds.


“That was fun,” said Hawkins.

“Wow, what a mess,” joked Hafer.

In Mixed competition, the unnamed squad of Shari Eslinge, Doug Wickman, Quincy Wickman and Dan Esling narrowly held off Ro-Day-Oh — Ty Shepardson, Emily Gardner, Megan Skillman and Jacey Schleich.

Eslinge, Wichman, Wichman and Eslinge finished in 15.22 seconds, while Ro-Day-Oh were just a blink-of-the-eye slower with a mark of 15.44 seconds.

In Men’s competition, Eslinge and Dough Wichman teamed with Kenny Wichman and Tyler Haydel to win with a time or 16.13 seconds.

Hog Hunters — Eric Linville, Colton Lindrith, Mike Saverison and Justin Seevers — were second with a time of 16.56 seconds.

Taco Hoggz — Erron Harris, Joel Steinke, Travis Lewis, and Josh Hotchkiss — were third in 19.88 seconds.


Ranch Rodeo

The Kelly Ranch, consisting of Robert Vandervoort, Willie Kelly, Ryan Kelly and Tom Peterson, won Thursday’s Park County Fair Ranch Rodeo.

Team Ramrod — Cleve Swandal, Kevin Holland, Dustin Holland, Kurt Mraz, Misty Sarrazin and Tyler Sarrazin were second, while Knock’em Flat Cattle Company — Justin O’Hair, Ryan Malone, Tim McGrady and Allison McGrady — finished third.

The Ranch Rodeo featured events such as Wild Cow Milking, Team Penning, Team Doctoring and Team Branding.