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Fire destroys Mill Creek home

Photo by Eric Newhouse

Park County Rural firefighter Chuck Taylor observes the home in Mill Creek burn Thursday morning.



Fire destroyed a Mill Creek residence Thursday, injuring no one.  

The home, which was the last property on Mill Creek Road before Snow Bank Campground, was an old cabin made of dry logs, said Paradise Valley Firefighter Eric Newhouse.

A small outbuilding also burned, but firefighters were able to protect a garage and several other outbuildings, Newhouse said.

Residents of the home reported the fire at 9:15 am Thursday. They saw smoke and ran upstairs to discover fire in the corner of the house, he said. 

There was a wood stove pipe in the area as well as electrical wiring, but no cause has officially been determined at this time, he said.

Responding to the Mill Creek fire was a unique challenge, Newhouse said, because fire trucks had to approach on a snow-packed, 1,000-foot, one-lane driveway.

Two fire trucks immediately got stuck, and a neighbor with a tractor plow was very helpful in clearing the way, he said. 

 A Park County plow truck also came to help, but later got stuck and had to be pulled out by a tow truck, Park County Road Supervisor Ed Hillman said.

Despite impaired access, road delays were not to blame for the house’s destruction, Newhouse said.

The fire was already involved enough when responders first arrived on the scene, he said.

However, the incident was a reminder of the importance of keeping roads accessible, he said.

“If we had needed an ambulance, we wouldn’t have been able to get one out there,” he said.

Responders to the fire included Paradise Valley Fire, Park County Rural Fire and the Park County Sheriff’s Department.