Crews battling wildland fire near Livingston

Justin Post
Enterprise Staff Writer

Park County firefighters are battling a wildland fire apparently started by lightning in the area of Fleshman Creek and O’Rea Creek just west of Livingston.

Flames from a large fire about 5 miles up Fleshaman Creek Road and about a mile south of the road could be seen on the ridgetops. Smoke billowed many hundreds of feet into the air.

Park County Rural Fire crews are working to notify homeowners in the area that evacuations may be necessary, and have requested mutual aid support from Gallatin County, the U.S. Forest Service, the Air National Guard and Paradise Valley Fire. 

Park County Rural Fire also requested the assistance of a helicopter to help identify areas where the fire may be threatening homes. The fire was generally moving in a northwest direction as of roughly 2:55 p.m., according to scanner traffic. Helicopters could be seen Saturday afternoon and early evening hauling water-drop buckets to the blaze.

Firefighters said windy conditions were causing the fire to move quickly, and crews were encouraged to be safe and protect structures in the area.

Billows of smoke from the Fleshman Creek area and even flames were visible from Livingston as firefighters worked to get ahead of the blaze.

A number of emergency vehicles made their way on Fleshaman Creek Road mid-Saturday afternoon and civilian traffic was heavy going both ways.

Meanwhile, the Clyde Park Fire Department is investigating a report of a fire in the area of Bracket Creek. Firefighters also are looking into a report of a fire in the Willow Creek area.